Congregatio Jesu Zim

Our Spirituality

Mary Ward’s spirituality was shaped by the Ignatian model of “contemplation in action” adopted by the Society of Jesus.

In 1611, Mary Ward was inspired by God to take the Spirituality of St Ignatius of Loyola which is "to find God in all things".

Mary Ward expresses this when she encouraged us "to refer all to God". She encouraged her followers to take risks and to forge new paths, but to be wise and discerning in the choices they made. By “referring all things to God” they would recognise where the needs were greatest.

For Mary Ward and Ignatius, daily life, the ordinary way of doing things, was seen as the place where God works.

When we reflect on daily experience we ask ourselves "Where is God in the events and relationships of today?"




We strive to be persons of

Freedom: from all earthly things (use, not abuse of creation) for application to good works (in the service of others)

Justice: This means having a right relationship with God, with people, with the environment and with the whole of creation. Relationship with others should be honest and loving, respectful of the differences between people, cultures and traditions

Sincerity: A life of integrity without masks or pretence

And women for others.

In all our decisions and choices wherever we are, our basic desire is to seek and choose what gives most glory to God our Creator, “All for the greater glory of God”.